Clerkship practical tools

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Second Year Summer - 2019

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The Geriatrics Clerkship is a two-week required rotation completed in either the third or fourth year, and is offered at five sites. Established as a graduation requirement inthe Geriatrics Clerkship provides clinical exposure to the acute, ambulatory, home and long term care settings.

Longitudinal Integrated Clerkships: Principles, Outcomes, Practical Tools, and Future Directions [Alliance for Clinical Education, Ann Poncelet M.D, David Hirsh M.D.] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers.

The Alliance for Clinical Education (ACE) is proud to announce its newest text. Dr. Poncelet and Dr. Hirsh eagerly developed an encyclopedic chapter for the 4th edition of the 5/5(4).

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Career Resources Ob/Gyn Clerkship Guide to Success This booklet was compiled by the APGO Undergraduate Medical Education Committee to help you get the most from your Ob/Gyn clerkship.

An articled clerk is someone who is studying to either be an accountant or a lawyer.

Practice Tools

In doing so they are put under the supervision of someone already in the profession, usually for two years. This can be compared as being an intern for a company, the only difference is once the two years is over the trainee becomes the trainer.

This guide equips you with the practical core knowledge you need to manage the patients you're most likely to see during your psychiatry clerkship.

Clerkship practical tools
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