Funny things kids write at school

32 hilarious kids’ test answers that are too brilliant to be wrong. #11 totally cracked me up! LOL!

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I did these things as a kid (but my kids won’t)

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Funny things kids write in school

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If I Ran the School, Things Would be Different

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Play a word game to learn and practise school subjects vocabulary. As teachers, we have all heard the funny things students say.

Sometimes, if I write it down, I remember. But most of the time, I am caught in the moment, and I easily forget everything. I had a teacher who once wrote down everything funny that happened in class.

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If you want to write about your experiences in school, you can write on our blog. An eclectic list of 99 things that children like was given to me by a writing friend last year after she attended a conference.

The list was courtesy of children’s sports author Andy Gutelle and here I’ve added + more (and more)! I hope this list gives a spark to your writing for.

Funny Stuff. 42 Hilarious Classroom Stories Guaranteed to Give You a Laugh For 98 percent of the students at the school where my wife teaches, English is a second language.

The kids were. Funny Jokes For Kids is good value for money. One of the cutest things about children is the way they laugh as a baby / toddler and then as they get a bit older, they begin to do things that you might think is funny.

Funny things kids write at school
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