How to write ampersand in sql query tool

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Design a form template based on a Microsoft SQL Server database

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Beware of the ampersand when using XML

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using REPLACE in select statement to convert ampersands I have a SQL query which returns results and places the results in an XML file.

the problem is that one of the fields can contain ampersands (&) in the field, so when a bare & is put into an XML file, I get XML errors because they have to be formatted in an XML friendly dailywn.coms: 1.


Dec 06,  · Re: How to insert special characters Dec 6, AM (in response to ) Leo is correct, it all depends on the character set that you are using. Step 1 happens inside the SQL*Plus client tool.

SQL*Plus then sends the final statement to the database engine where step 2 occurs. Pass the bind variable's value to a new substitution variable "nv" by using a query: SQL> column mybvcol new_value nv noprint SQL> select:mybv mybvcol from dual; SQL*Plus substitution variables are.

Oracle and most DBMS system will let you write a query result on a text file. The process of writing query result to a file is called a spooling. How you can spool a result into a file for Oracle database. Inserting values into a table with '&' Breadcrumb.

Question and Answer. Thanks for the question, Vivek. q' is a SQL think, & is a sqlplus - the client tool - thing. Inserting values with '&' March 16, - am UTC can you write a query to get the average salary in a given department? It is pretty easy right?

How to write ampersand in sql query tool
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