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10 Tips for Writing

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Danielle is why writers of adult fiction and commercial glean. by A.C. Crispin. Introduction Agents–When Do You Need One? Getting Started–Compiling a List, Researching Agent Listings, and Following Submission Guidelines.

This guest post is by Windy Lynn is the author of Writing & Selling Short Stories & Personal Essays: The Essential Guide to Getting Your Work Published (Writer’s Digest Books). She’s a prolific writer, a trusted mentor, and a frequent speaker at literary events.

Her long list of short stories and personal essays have been published in literary, trade, and women’s magazines. Get a Literary Agent: The Complete Guide to Securing Representation for Your Work [Chuck Sambuchino] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers.

The Ultimate Guide to Getting a Literary Agent! If you dream of scoring the best possible deal with a. This excellent blog is dedicated to sharing the latest and greatest instruction and information on literary agents, literary agencies, query letters, submissions, publishing, author platform, book marketing, and more.

8 Tips From Literary Agents About How to Get Published

If you’re an agent seeking submissions, an agency with a story to tell, or an author looking to share your success story, contact [email protected] When an agency asks for “ten pages” give them the first ten pages—and in order.

Oh, and make sure they have page numbers.

Should I Try To Find A Literary Agent?

Manuscript Advice from Literary Agents. Be careful with prologues. While not necessarily a deal-breaker, apparently some literary agents direct their interns to be wary of prologues to help them weed through the slush pile. A step-by-step guide to finding literary agents, plus how to select the right agent for you and your work.

Literary agent Literary agent writing advice
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