Montana university system writing assessment

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University-wide Program-level Writing Assessment

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Our transfer credit service allows you to find out how your previous education could be assessed as credit towards Athabasca University programs. The APA program faculty members comprise a supportive community of leaders in their respective fields.

Our faculty provide students pursuing a physician assistant degree online with hands-on learning opportunities and real-world experience. Assessment can exert powerful influences on behavior and can actually be used as a catalyst to change university organizational behavior, as well as classroom argues that change must be systemic, and coherent from top to bottom within school only does the education system need to become more coherent.

Students who have taken specific SAT or ACT sections, or attended a Montana high school that participated in the Montana University System Writing Assessment program (MUSWA) may use those scores to place into writing.

Students who scored a 3 or higher on the English/Language & Composition AP test are exempt from WRIT Longitudinal Data First Graders, Then Juniors, Now Jan Clinard, Ed.D. College Access: A Chance of Success Inthe BOR approved Proficiency Admission Requirements and Developmental Education in the MUS, requiring “a uniform assessment tool to be used in determining if students have the basic proficiencies in math and English to provide them a reasonable chance of success in.

Montana university system writing assessment
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