Project reality servers

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Project Reality

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Project Reality: Battlefield 2 mod

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How To Create & Pitch Reality TV Show Ideas That Sell

Jan 16,  · Me and my buds playing on a server with PR like settings. Dec 07,  · Hello!

Beginner's Guide

Some days ago me and some friends started to play project reality with mumble and we thought it was an awesome system they had which was that if you were in lets say channel 1 you could talk to channel 2 with a certain bind.

So now im wondering how can I do this on my own mumble server? Me and some friends just got the dota2 beta and we want to be able to sit in a channel for. I have always heard of Project Reality and watch many videos of gameplay, but didn't want to buy BF2 in order to play it.

I saw on r/gamernews that had released and it was free, so I spend an hour trying to install it and played my first game last night. Click here to download the latest version of Project Reality Posting Rules.


No "Subscribe!" posts - You're welcome to post your gameplay videos here, but do not mention anything about subscribing in your dailywn.comibers: K.

ArmA 3 VS Project Reality MOD.

Project Reality Wins IMO Even the server browser to this day is still a headache to browse in every other server is a stupid RPG server!! on a MILITARY SIMULATOR. then every other server is a co-op server. The artificial intelligence is bad in ArmA 3 down to the sounds engine/ Sound design is horrible.

Project Reality (PR) is a modification for the retail Battlefield 2 multi-player PC game. Project Reality's aim is to create a more realistic combat environment than standard Battlefield 2, and place a greater emphasis on teamwork and cooperation/10(K).

Project reality servers
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