Python zipfile write arcname

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Python challenge 7 - zipfile

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try: print 'adding', i, arcname='ClientName_'+ i, compress_type=compressType) #this writes the zip file x+=1 #arcname sets the name and strips the folder. The method takes an optional arcname argument that specifies what the name of the file should be inside the zipfile.

You can use this to strip off the path to src at the beginning. Here I use dailywn.comh() to make sure that both src and the filename returned by have a common prefix.

#!/usr/bin/env python import os import zipfile def zip(src, dst): zf = zipfile. _ClassType TarFileCompat. TarFile class compatible with standard module zipfile's ZipFile class.

Python code coverage for Lib/

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import zipfile: 8: n/a: 9: n/a: # function names can be non-ASCII in Python 3). n/a # We add a coding cookie even though UTF-8 is the default in Python 3: n/a # because the resulting archive may be intended to be run under Python 2.

[issue24960] Can't use pip or easy_install with embeddable zip file.

n/a:, arcname) n/a: if main_py: n/a: dailywn.comtr('

Python zipfile write arcname
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