Stepmom an entertaining perspective of life

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Something to Talk About

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A Struggling Stepmother

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stepmom Ready or not, Isabel (Julia Roberts) is about to find out what it means to be a mom, better yet, a step-mom, soon after her boyfriend Luke (Ed Harris) pops the Continue reading. Food and travel and a little bit of life from a Southern perspective.

Life from the perspective of a chocoholic stepmom! Having become used to Dan Brown’s writing from his blockbuster novels Inferno, The DaVinci Code and Digital Fortress, I was extremely happy to see his latest novel Origin pop into my Audible queue.

Heather is an author, speaker, life coach and the founder of As a full-time stepmom her passion is to help stepmothers define their own positive path to success.

Heather brings positive resources, encouragement, and support to stepmothers while also speaking on divorce recovery and stepfamily issues. A relevant, real-world outlook with a biblical perspective Blended and Blessed ® —The first of its kind to bring together blended family ministry leaders to collaborate, share resources, and call the church to .

Stepmom an entertaining perspective of life
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