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Business Grammar, Style & Usage: The Most Used Desk Reference for Articulate and Polished Business Writing and Speaking by Executives Worldwide [Alicia Abell] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Based on the actual writing and speaking styles of leading business executives worldwide, this book features easy-to.

At Office Pro's we have many shapes and sizes of used executive desks! Whether you need big or small, we've got you covered. We offer custom shipping! Antique Desks Antique desks are a functional and decorative piece of furniture, a historical writing platform for by-gone communication and a reminder of an age when letter writing.


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Description Country style writing desk Comes with 1 storage compartment Open. $. New & used office desks perfect for the busy executive, or someone that works from home, with all the space you need to stay organized and get work done.

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We carry U-shaped desks and desk sets, high quality yet cheap computer desks that are stylish and modern.

Used writing desk
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