Uttarakhand floods a disaster of our

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Remembering 2013 Uttarakhand Floods

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Uttarakhand Flood Relief

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Sunday 23th Jun Cage:. UTTARAKHAND DISASTER RELIEF REPORT INTERNATIONAL ASSOCIATION FOR HUMAN VALUES. 1 victims of the floods in Uttarakhand. Art of Living volunteers were on the ground providing different locations for our delivery centers and instead of choosing all ANM centers we used hospitals.

Jun 19,  · In our meeting on 17th with Yashpal Arya, Minister looking the portfolio of disaster in Uttarakhand state, and Harak Singh Rawat, Agriculture Minister representing Rudraprayag district, have claimed adequate preparatory measure, to help and rescue people in the affected region.

From the Kashmir earthquake in to the Uttarakhand floods inSmile Foundation has acted promptly to reach out and respond to the immediate needs of the disaster affected people, while also maintaining a sustainable approach to help them rebuild their lives by facilitating their education, healthcare and livelihood.

Uttarakhand is abuzz with helicopters whirring in the skies, Ministers from all over the country are chipping in with aid, money is flooding the Uttarakhand Disaster Management and Mitigation. Uttarakhand Disaster The June flash floods in Uttarakhand have taken a tremendous toll and more than 4, villages across the 13 districts affected very badly.

In addition to the massive loss of life, it has resulted in severe destruction of property. A spell of torrential rainfall during June, over Uttarakhand, India, caused devastating floods and landslides in the country's worst natural disaster since the Tsunami.

According to figures released by the Uttarakhand State government, more than 5, people were presumed dead.

Uttarakhand floods a disaster of our
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