Why write a personal blog

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Why You Should Stop Writing Blog Posts (and What to Do Instead)

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Should I Start a Blog? 34 Things to Know (Before You Start)

Thinking of someone you know well and who might want to read your blog will help you relax your writing style.

That’s why it’s become popular for many people to start personal journal entries with Dear Diary. George Orwell says one motivation to write is sheer egoism, that we write out of the “desire to seem clever, to be talked about, to be remembered after death, to get your own back on the grown-ups who snubbed you in childhood, etc., etc.”.

In short, a good personal blog can help you make a good first impression and boost your chances of finding new opportunities.

Potential employers are likely to find your personal blog, making it a good place to boost your job-worthiness in their eyes. That’s why while most blogs blather on about the author’s personal feelings or whatever strikes their fancy that morning, I do exposés, report on news that affects freelance writers, and discuss trends.

Because this is a magazine for freelance writers. At its core, a personal blog, regardless of focus, is about your desire to communicate with a broader audience to fulfill a personal goal.

(Here are 7 reasons to have a personal blog.) While a personal blog is like keeping a diary, it differs in several major ways. Discover why you should, how to write one, and learn from some phenomenal examples in this detailed post. Writing a personal mission statement is something everyone needs to do.

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Why write a personal blog
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