Write a jingle slogan

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Help me write a punjabi song

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Here are our top 10 car commercial jingles from the last 60 years. These jingles made a splash in the 50’s, and we have been listening to them in our cars ever since.

The political slogan is, “Happy Days are Here Again,” said by Franklin Roosevelt in was the first slogan to come from a pre-existing song. This political slogan became the Democratic Party’s unofficial theme song for years to come.

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How to Make a Commercial Jingle for a School Project

Do you or someone you know have what it takes to write and perform a jingle? If so, dailywn.com, the experts in laminate flooring and tile, want to see it! Advertising slogans don’t just sell products – they sell cultures.

When you’re writing a slogan for your company, think about how you can convey your culture – whether it’s a culture of excellence or creativity – in as few words as possible.

The new slogan is currently being launched around the world; last week the tourist board rolled the world's largest stress ball into New York's Times Square and on Tuesday a twitter campaign ran.

Write a jingle slogan
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